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What are these overhead expenses?


The amount of locations you have is a key element in your infrastructure complexity.
They are at the center of your IT and at each end of the interconnections.
Of course, Cloud infrastructure can relate as you're simply running your code on your provider's POPs.
At Open coconut, we know that those locations are key to you and this is why we try to be present in as many locations as possible (Cloud or On-prem) but not only within the biggest names as we are convinced diversification is also key for you with Datacenter providers.


Contracts are often neglected from the cost of an infrastructure but each new providers comes at a cost.
As an network/infrastructure expert you contract with different suppliers but you are not allowed to do so before your Legal team has reviewed and re-negociated every T&C, SLA, MSA,..
At Open Coconut, you sign one set of legal documents and this allows you to reach all other Service providers without the need of negotiating individually with each of them!


Setting up an interconnection and operating it has a huge overhead for your network team.
Where this should be simple and straightforward, it often turns to be a black hole where your days disappear in between phone calls and emails trying to get your circuits delivered.
We started Open Coconut because of this so if there is one place to look at to avoid black holes it's certainly our web portal where you have access to all technical network data but also where YOU are in control.
These are 3 pain points related to the setup of your interconnections but you also have an overhead cost when it comes to running these interconnections.

First, you have the complexity of the invoicing which is multiplied by the amount of different Service providers you work with and which has a cost between your team and your Finance department when it comes to the monthly reconciliation of invoices.

Then, there is all the time that you lose with the 1st line support of your providers every time you need to report an incident and have to wait for someone with the sufficient technical skills and accesses to look into it.

Finally, there is a cost that hides inside a process that should be positive for you but could turn into the opposite: the contract renewal. When the commitment term on you circuit reaches a certain date you are entitled to renegotiate and bandwidth prices tend to decrease over time. But while this could sound like something positive for you if you don't forget about it (If you don't ask, you won't get!); this often comes with an updated legal document which leads to a renegotiation of terms and a huge Legal cost on your end.
Every action you take has a cost.
Take this simple survey to estimate how much unnecessary efforts you have made to build and operate your infrastructure and how much you could have saved!

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