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Cross-Connect charges skyrocketing ?

The prices for datacenter cross-connections have been skyrocketing in recent years, leaving many companies struggling to keep up with the added expense. Cross-connections are essential for enabling interconnections with partners, and their increasing cost has made it challenging for companies to maintain their hosting budgets. The cost of cross-connections can add up quickly, especially for companies with multiple partners and datacenters. 
Find out how to lower them down

The only platform that offers Convenience & Efficiency

We help you save time and money by offering a one-stop-shop platform for all  your datacenter interconnections.
We simplify the processes so your links can go live immediately.

Points of presence

Check out in which datacenter our services are available in. Are we missing a datacenter location ? Just let us know we can open it in a record time! By registering on our portal you will be able to see which datacenters we have established a presence in.
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Our solution is multi-providers aware. Everything is in your hands: you get the control over your WAN connectivity at a very attractive price, with a single contract & SLA. We are your single point of contact. Available 24/7.
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Ethernet Point to Point, Remote Internet Exchange connectivity, Cloud inter-connectivity. Discover how to build a highly reliable and scalable WAN backbone without the burden of the administrative tasks related to it.
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Simple. Fast. Reliable.

Customers choose us because we give them back the control on their network and show them the network data in realtime.

24x7 Availability

Best link selection

Realtime metrics

Access granularity

Automated Infrastructure

Feature-rich control panel


100% commitment, availability & flexibility

Our reliability is not just backed up by SLAs but with metrics;

We know that SLA's can always be (mis)interpreted but real-time metrics streamed directly from the network cannot be faked.

This is why we want to provide them to you in a comprehensive way so you can make a wise choice when selecting the route to use for your next interconnection or giving you the necessary visibility to perform your own first troubleshooting.

Liberate yourself with time-saving self-service portal;

We know your time is valuable and we want to avoid you losing it on the phone, exchanging emails, or waiting months for your links to be delivered. We are convinced that you know exactly what you want and how you need it so we offer you the tools to enable you to provision your datacenter Interconnections & routes on demand

Scale-up or down when you really need it;

Capacity management is not an easy science and you highly rely on the forecasts of your own customer's guesstimate. This is why we want to allow you to scale your links up or down when you need it and without locking you in new long-term commitments.

Big data migration, product release, and maintenance in another part of your infrastructure,.. can all be reasons for you to need some temporary bandwidth increase. With Open Coconut Interconnections & routes on demand,  you can quickly set up new datacenter interconnections, create new routes based on your business needs and retire them right when you stop needing them.

Get an expert's take every time you contact us.

Calling your network provider's NOC and losing precious time explaining them all the troubleshooting you already did and why you believe the issue is on their side can be a stressful situation during an outage.

Waiting hours for one of their network engineers to call you is even worse but is often the only way to be updated of the progress of your case resolution.

This needs to STOP !

As you have all the necessary tools and information to do your own troubleshooting through our portal we know that your issue is essential and that we need to address it immediately. This is why we commit to getting you in touch with one of our network experts as soon as you contact us for an incident.

Network teams love Open Coconut Networks

  • "I can't believe this process hasn't evolved for at least as long as I can remember, Open Coconut is the disruption that's needed."
    SVP Product Operations

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  • "Open Coconut is an impressive platform that will make it possible for companies to easily change their network routes."
    Executive Vice President for a major VoIP platform

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  • "Very clever solution! Great team of industry veterans!"
    Produc strategist

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The benefits for your Company using 
Open Coconut Networks

Single provider

No need to review many lengthy legal documents for every circuit you provision... 
This will be the last ISP contract you have to review and sign!

Time savings

In the traditional way, we estimate at more than 10k€ the cost of the time spent by the different departments of a company to establish a new interconnection

No Automatic renewal

No need to remember your links contracts anniversary and loose time trying to renegotiate them. We apply the discounts automatically to your account.

Get started today!

Create an account on our portal and test it by yourself or book a 30 min demo with us.
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