Open Coconut as an alternative to Megaport

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Comparative feature matrix to appreciate the alternative that Open Coconut is to Megaport

Compare Megaport's pricing with ours and stop losing money

The alternative

Open Coconut, the Interconnection & routes on demand platform is positioning itself as a true alternative to Megaport. Thanks to our feature-rich portal we are able to provide you with the best network interconnection service. Open Coconut offers real flexibility in terms of network routing, thanks to our interconnections & routes on demand core feature. Which is tightly integrated to bandwidth on demand.


Open Coconut also offers flexibility in terms of billing and technical support. Our interconnection-as-a-service platform returns the power into network engineers' hands. By providing you with a picture of what our backbone live state is, we render troubleshooting to a level never seen today in the service providers industry.

So as a network engineer, you have full visibility of where your traffic is going. But that's not it. Indeed we also provide you with all the information about your services in our portal. Therefore you will have access to a huge amount of information that you will be able to correlate with your own network tools.

Nonetheless, if you still can't fix the issue through the information and the possibilities that our portal offers, you can reach a network engineer. Directly without having to step through an escalation matrix.

Last words

Open Coconut has been built BY network engineers FOR network engineers.

You can easily book a demo with us and we will show you how you can save time and money with the help of our platform.

We also built an easy-to-read matrix highlighting the differences between us and our competitors. That gives some insight into how powerful our platform is. Do not hesitate to chat with us. We're always happy to demo!

Feature Matrix

Open Coconut comparative matrix


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