Tips for Lowering Cross-Connect Costs

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Tips for Lowering Cross-Connect Costs

Cross-connect costs, often an underestimated expense for organizations, can quickly add up to monthly recurring costs. These costs can vary depending on the data center supplier an organization uses, making them difficult to predict. As a result, monthly invoices can reveal hundreds or even thousands of EUR/USD being spent on cross-connects.

Pricing for cross-connects can range from free to around 300 USD per month, with some locations charging additional setup fees. Unfortunately, these costs are only expected to rise in the future.

For medium-sized organizations with multiple service providers, such as ISPs, customers, partners, and clouds, the average number of cross-connects can easily reach 10-20. At an average monthly cost of 100 EUR/USD, the yearly cost of cross-connects can be as high as 24,000 EUR/USD or 100,000 over five years.

To decrease cross-connection costs, a review of the current approach is necessary. Open Coconut Networks offers a solution to this problem with its portfolio of services that allows for the aggregation of multiple services over a single port. This eliminates the need for a dedicated cross-connect for each service, greatly reducing expenses.

Furthermore, if a service is local, it is free of charge when using Open Coconut Networks. If a customer is in the same data center and both parties are members of the Open Coconut Networks platform, cross-connecting equipment is possible at no cost.

To take advantage of these savings, interested parties can contact Open Coconut Networks using the provided form below or register on the portal and receive a free port as part of the registration process.

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