Our interconnection locations at DATACENTER UNITED

datacenter united

We are of course present at Datacenter United and offer our interconnections and routes on-demand services in the different POPs they operate.
The services you can get from us at Datacenter United are the following:

  • L2VPN
  • IP Transit
  • Cloud connectivity 
  • Remote Exchange

We are also present in other countries. Click the following link to find out where are all our international locations 

We are currently available in the following cities:

  • Brussels,
  • Antwerp

And we can interconnect their datacenters together but also with other datacenter brands.

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Here is the complete list of POPs we have with Datacenter United

EuropeBelgiumAntwerpAntwerpen DCANT1-DCU-BE-EU
EuropeBelgiumBrusselsBrussels DCBRU1-DCU-BE-EU

Want to know more about Datacenter United ?

Locations: 6

Countries: Belgium

Website : https://datacenterunited.com/ 

Remarks: 1st Tier4 datacenter in Belgium

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