OC - Transit Tier 1 Peering Solution

The OC - Transit Tier 1 Peering Solution from Open Coconut allows you to take advantage of peering with the major Internet Providers. Peering with major Tier 1 Internet Providers does allow you to get the best of your data over the Internet. Should an outage happen somewhere on the Internet with one of our Tier 1 providers, thanks to our powerful platform, your traffic will be redirected through another of our Tier 1 Internet Providers.




The architecture overview lets you appreciate how we build your connection towards major Tier 1 Internet Providers. Your equipment will peer with ours and subsequently you will instantly get access to all the major Internet Providers we work with. If you do not wish your traffic to flow across a particular Provider, you may simply avoid it in just a few clicks in your account on our platform. 


  • There are several ways to proceed here:
    • Dynamic setup (recommended) 
      • You have a public BGP ASN
        • Then you probably also have a public subnet to be advertised, that's great, you ready to go
      • You don't have a public BGP ASN
        • No worries we can either:
          • Sponsor your company to obtain one from the RIPE and maybe a public subnet as well
          • Or we can work with private BGP ASN, in such a case you will get the public IP's from us
    • Static setup
      • You can point a static route to our equipment and we forward the traffic for you over our Tier 1 providers

Redundant Architecture



In this redundant architecture, the customer equipment can peer with one of our remote equipment over the same port at the customer location (reducing the cross connect cost). This means that if our equipment is failing at the local location, you still peer with the remote location and still use your Internet connection via a close-by location. Once the equipment in the local location is recovered, the peering session will be back up and you still take full advantage of your redundant setup.


In case of any questions, please do reach to us either via our chat at www.opencoconut.net or via email at aloha@opencoconut.net

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